International food professionals explain how Kochi’s yuzu sparks creativity and is valued for its taste and quality.

Olivier Derenne, Owner, NISHIKIDORI, Paris

Olivier Derenne sells yuzu through his Paris store to chefs and patissiers, and individual customers. “When I first discovered Kochi yuzu, I was struck by the aroma and flavor. I grated the peel on scallops, and on sea bream ceviche. The juice has a nice acidity, and fruity, floral and sweet notes. Yuzu from Kochi is the most prestigious on the market. It is a guarantee of quality.”

Jerome Banctel, Chef, LE GABRIEL, Paris

Banctel is the chef of Le Gabriel, with two Michelin stars. "I was introduced to yuzu about 10 years ago on a trip to Kochi. I was impressed by the aroma, the taste, and the thick zest. I use yuzu as a condiment, as candied zest and in dashi. My signature dishes created with Kochi yuzu include a yuzu and ginger dacquoise, and a steamed cod with dashi broth and a touch of yuzu.”

Janice Wong, Owner/Chef, JANICE WONG, Singapore

Award-winning Singaporean chef Janice Wong tests the limits of dessert making in her eponymous retail stores and dessert bar in Singapore, Tokyo and South Korea. “I started working with Kochi yuzu about eight years ago. The freshness, quality and acidity are perfect for desserts. It has a unique flavor and is truly aromatic. Yuzu also pairs well with many other ingredients.”

Kamil Foltan, Co-Owner/Bartender, IB HQ, Singapore

As co-owner of IB HQ cocktail bar in Singapore, Kamil creates innovative cocktails with Kochi citrus fruits. “I was interested to work with yuzu when making cocktails, to see how the acidity works with different ingredients. Yuzu is a crowd pleaser: people love the taste. The juice adds a fruity aroma and different level of acidity to cocktails. Yuzu peel works extremely well in spirit infusions, syrups and cordials. I love to work infuse yuzu peel into vodka or un-aged rum.”

Mark Normoyle, Executive Chef, Melbourne

Mark Normoyle is passionate about using and promoting yuzu from Kochi. He uses yuzu in his creations which cover modern Australian to contemporary French cuisine. He believes that Kochi yuzu is incredibly adaptable, with the ability to bring out the best in every dish, from meat and fish dishes to desserts and cocktails. “Kochi Yuzu is one of my favourite Japanese ingredients. After visiting the Kochi Prefecture, hand picking yuzu fruit from the trees and meeting the yuzu farmers, I could see the amazing level of quality and passion for food there. I want to share the charm of yuzu with people who don't know about it yet.”



Discover yuzu, Kochi's signature fruit. This distinctive citrus fruit adds a fresh note to Japanese and Western dishes, and cocktails.


Discover yuzu, Kochi's signature fruit. This distinctive citrus fruit adds a fresh note to Japanese and Western dishes, and cocktails.



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